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Bali still safe for tourism,

Indonesia's National Disaster Management Agency has urged tourists to continue visiting Bali, saying the resort island is safe except for the area around Mount Agung, a volcano in eastern Indonesia that could erupt at any time.

Three hundred tremors were recorded in the vicinity of the volcano between midnight and 6am on Sunday and white smoke was detected 200 metres above the crater.

National Disaster Management Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho tweeted that as of Sunday morning the volcano had not erupted and there was no volcanic ash.

A radius of nine kilometres and 12 kilometres around the mountain was considered dangerous but the resort island was otherwise safe.

Mount Agung is 71 kilometres from the tourist hot spot of Kuta and 32 kilometers away from centre of Ubud

Flights in and out of Bali's international airport remain normal with 50,000 to 60,000 travellers in and out of the island every day says Ngurah Rai airport general manager Yanus Suprayogi.

The director general of air transport, Agus Santoso said even if the volcano erupted with lava it would not affect aviation unless there was also volcanic ash.

Nine alternative airports outside of Bali had been prepared for diverted flights if volcanic ash was detected.

Mr Santoso said 300 buses would be available to transport affected travellers to ferry ports and bus stations so they could leave Bali if flights were affected.

"Bali tourism is safe. Do not spread misleading news that Bali is not safe because Mount Agung is on the highest alert status. Please come and visit Bali,"

Quoted from Sydney morning herald

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